The LEADERS HUDDLE is a weekly conversational platform where LEADERS can be LED. Our principles of engagement start with the words TRUST, TRANSPARENCY & TOLERANCE which empower us to LEAN into life… LEARN from its experiences…and LEVERAGE them for impact!



"A few short weeks ago, I was invited to visit a group called the T.E.A.M Leaders Huddle. At first, I was skeptical and unsure what I was in for. Much to my surprise, this group is exactly what I have always thought a support group is supposed to be; inviting, friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental. I have finally found my safe haven and a virtual place to call home."

-Rick Williamson (U.S. Army Veteran)

“I have gleaned many nuggets…empowerment through knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence. Advocacy by caring enough to be vulnerable and helping others.”

-Buddy Curry (NFL, Retired)


“It just takes one person...that one person is probably different for everyone which is why it is important for all of us to just show up.”

-Brandy Hester (MMA Fighter/Mindfulness Practitioner)


“Fantastic group of people, connections to solutions in our communities....HOPE!!!”

-Micah Gauthier (U.S. Navy Veteran)

“I’m learning so much from so many people. Learning to change my perceptions, to be more open minded, to discover even more about myself!”

-Carolyn Agosta (Wellness Practitioner)

“We established that a good leader learns to listen and can also follow. That's something I forgot, and needed reminding of. Listening is a crucial ingredient to leadership.”

-Ryan Shimabukuro (U.S. Olympic Coach)

"As a younger leader, this group is like the old adage 'standing on the shoulders of giants.' There are incredible, seasoned individuals I've met through this network that empower me with their lived experiences and educate me with tools on how true leadership faces adversity and triumph. "

    - Emily Alderson (Recovery Leader/Influencer)

“I was invited to T.E.A.M by a fellow Navy Veteran, at a time in my life when giving up seemed to be the best option. I have found self-worth through the leaders here… I've been driven to find a purpose… and I've learned I'm not alone.”

-Lew Hapeman (U.S. Navy Veteran)

“I am a public speaker and leader within my own community and the relationships I’ve cultivated with other T.E.A.M members has been nothing short of INVALUABLE. T.E.A.M and it’s members have positively impacted my leadership in both my personal and private life and is an integral part of my everyday mission to not only improve myself but more importantly help to make a positive impact on others.”

-Beau Payne (Motivational Speaker)

“I’ve never seen a leadership platform which embraces the concepts of vulnerability, authenticity, and human kindness the way that the T.E.A.M platform does. Being able to have a firsthand look into the lives of other leaders, seeing the challenges and adversities they’ve endured, has helped me to become a more patient, empathetic and accountable leader for my own team. Being a part of T.E.A.M has expanded my worldview, strengthened my commitment to my values, and helped me to become a better person in both my personal and professional life.”

-Bobby Jones-Hanley (Entrepreneur)

“I was invited to T.E.A.M just about a year ago after a devastating accident shortly after I was released from the hospital. I became involved with the T.E.A.M online forum regularly and it was one of the best things I did. There are so many other folks in the same position as myself, just being able to open up and be honest in this forum. We celebrate, we cry, we break down mental health, and we roll our eyes together when it’s needed. I am extremely blessed to have been invited to this forum and look forward to Tuesday afternoons…it gives me a lot of peace to know that if I need to speak or ask for help it’s there. With these folks it’s not just on Tuesday, but any day we can reach out to each other.”  

-Lizzy Stabo (First Responder, Ret)

“I joined a T.E.A.M call towards the end of 2021, but each time I am on a call with these wonderful people, I learn something new. The biggest takeaway to me personally is the concept of lean, learn, and leverage. If I can be so bold to add another L-word, it would be listen! This unique platform, with such a wide range of unique leaders, has made a huge impact on my leadership style as a husband, father, coach, and human being.”

-Bobby Julich (Professional Bike Racer, Retired)

“This is a wonderful, safe, supportive, "be who you truly are" environment like no other. The personal stories shared truly uncover what it really means to be a leader. You can't help but be drawn into the journey of those sharing. It has shaped my own personal framework for leadership and provides space to exhale.”

-Dr. Evelyn Lewis (U.S. Navy Veteran)

“T.E.A.M. came to me at a time when things were falling apart. I was going through a divorce and needed guidance during one of the more painful times of my life.  During this time, T.E.A.M. let me share my struggles, free of judgment, creating a community that was built on Trust, Transparency, and Advocacy. Now, through the help of T.E.A.M. and others, I am in one of the best spaces in my life both personally and professionally. I am a better father to my children; a better leader in my community; and sharing my victories over struggles in an effort to help those need a positive light at the end of their tunnel. I want to thank those involved with T.E.A.M. for their openness in allowing me to be vulnerable in a society that teaches us otherwise.”

-Lewis Preston (Former Division I Basketball Coach/Co-Founder of Athletes 2 Leaders)

“T.E.A.M has connected me in so many ways to help me grow not only as an organizational leader but more importantly in my personal leadership. Being able to connect on a regular basis with a very diverse group from all walks of life has helped change my mindset and has strengthened me to share my vulnerabilities as part of the process of personal growth!”  

-Kevin Lynott (Coach/Athletic Director)

  “Leadership isn't a singular act it is a way of life, a life's work that impacts some known to you and others observed by you. Leaders don't look for the light, they hold the light so others can blaze their own trail!”

-Cedric Dunmore (U.S. Air Force Veteran)

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